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Celebrating Childrens Achievements in a Caring Home Environment

In the United Kingdom, Registered Childminders are inspected and managed by the appropriate governing authorities of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. In England, we are inspected by The Office of Standards in Education (OFSTED), and as such, I adhere to the regulations as they are laid down by the various relevant Parliamentary Acts.

Registered Childminders work in their own home, and as such are able to work alongside nursery / schools, etc regarding the Early Years Foundation Stage enabling all Early Years Provisiders to work together - using the legislation which has been set out by the Department for Children, Schools and Families. Working together ensures the best start in a child's life, whether that be working with parents / guardians (who knows their child better??) or other Early Years Practitioners.

It is important that you verify the registration of a Registered Childminder before leaving your child with them. This may be done through your local Childrens Information Service, or contacting Ofsted, as above. The Registration Certificate may also be viewed in the Registered Childminders premises.